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The most versatile tactile drawing board on the market

GraphGrid and CircleFrame

Extend the drawing possibilies even further with the range of TactiPad accessories

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TactileView Digital Pen

Digitise the drawings on the TactiPad with the TactileView digital pen and tactile graphics software

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Discover a brand new way of experiencing tactile graphics

The TactiPad is a versatile drawing board which enables a visually impaired person (VIP) to make a tactile drawing by hand. By firmly pressing down on the foil with your pen, the lines will raise instantly, forming the tactile image.

The ergonomic design makes drawing easier and more enjoyable than ever before. – Read more…

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Extend the range of drawing possibilities even further



Detailed user guide on using the TactiPad and its accessories



Watch instructional videos of the TactiPad and accessories

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TactiPad with drawing tools

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Share tactile diagrams between blind and sighted people

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Extend the functionality of the TactiPad even further with the available accessories

CircleFrame and GraphGrid

GraphGrid – draw graphs, tables,
bar charts and other grid-based diagrams

CircleFrame – create pie charts, a clock,
mandalas and other circular drawings

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New development

At Thinkable, we are constantly developing new additions to our range of products. We are currently designing an exciting new device that allows you to plot an image from the TactileView software on the TactiPad drawing board!

Thinkable Motorised Drawing Arm

Visit the MDA development page
to contibute your ideas!

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